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12 December 2023

Annual Report for 2023

International Fund for Africa
International Fund for Africa

Our annual report for 2023 is part of our current newsletter: Annual Newsletter No. 4

The report contains a summary of our work over the past twelve months in Ethiopia, Uganda, Ukraine and Nepal. It also includes some of our provisional plans for 2024, as usual combining long-term projects with emergency food aid in conflict zones. In addition to helping people in need, we will be looking to part-sponsor the creation of a groundbreaking veterinary clinic in Kathmandu with significant potential to reduce suffering in the street animal population.

1 June 2023

Celebrating veganism and feeding refugees in Ukraine

Vegan festival in Kyiv
Vegan festival in Kyiv

Continuing our commitment to help those fleeing from the warzones in Ukraine, we recently pledged funds to provide a further 600 meals in the heavily bombed city of Dnipro – now host to many who have fled the battle in the destroyed Bakmut.

On a happier note, we also part-funded a vegan festival in Kyiv – an idea we initially rejected because it didn't seem like the sort of direct humanitarian aid we prioritise. We changed our minds, however, when it became clear that our sponsorship was likely to provide considerably more funds than our original investment.

In the end the festival collected almost four times as much in donations as our original sponsorship amount, with the bonus of giving hundreds of Ukrainians (650 attended) much needed relief from the dangers of daily life since Putin's invasion. It also presented an opportunity to salute the brave young organisers who are dedicated to promote non-violent vegan values despite the war and destruction.

It proved to be a great project to get behind – educational and joyful while raising considerable funds to help those in need.

The happy photo was taken during a comedy performance at the event.

14 March 2023

Feeding displaced people in Ukraine

Feeding refugees in Kolky
Feeding refugees in Kolky
Vegan meals for displaced people in Dnipro
Vegan meals
displaced people

We've been sending regular donations to Ukraine again this year.

In January our funds paid for food parcels to be delivered in the heavily bombed city of Kherson.

In February,our donations paid for 935 vegan meals at a refugee centre in the town of Kolky, towards the west of the country.

This month we sponsored almost another 900 meals at centres for displaced people in the city of Dnipro. (We'd hoped to have sent enough for 1000, but Ukraine has also been hit by food cost inflation.)