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Vegan Compassion Group

We are a registered charity that in 2019 took over responsibility for some of the projects previously supported by The Living Without Cruelty Trust. Our mission is to fund specific projects that demonstrate vegan compassion in action. These include school feeding programmes in poorer countries, support for refugees and homeless people in the UK and, currently under development, an educational project to encourage greater respect and care for wildlife.

We are a small charity. Our work springs from a certain frustration around the fact that donors often don’t know exactly where their contributions go when they make charitable donations – even to the most laudable organisations.

Therefore, our donations are only made to individual projects where we can provide 100 per cent funding. In some instances this will be a one-off payment; in other cases, we offer guaranteed funding for a minimum period.

Although veganism is at the heart of our charity, we welcome support from vegans and non-vegans alike. Whilst our projects are exclusively vegan, they are not exclusive to vegans!

Our funds are limited, so the projects we undertake must, by necessity, be relatively small themselves. This does, however, give us certain advantages. Our expenses are nil. (We may incur certain accounting and banking costs, and spend small amounts on publicising our existence, but that apart, all our funds go directly to our stated causes).

We hope to do much more in the future…

Whilst our projects are exclusively vegan, they are not exclusive to vegans!