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School Feeding Programme - Shivashakti School in Dhanura VDC in Dang, Nepal

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We have now completed a second school-feeding programme that we began in September 2018 at a remote mountain village school in Dang, Nepal.

We fed roughly 40 children from the nursery classes of a government school with multi-grain pudding and fruits. The children received their daily meal six days per week during the eight-month-long school year. A school report on the programme stated that ‘all students are of low socio-economic status and for many the school lunches are the only meal they receive other than a small family evening dinner’.

Although there have been some recent improvements, Nepal still has one of the highest rates of child poverty in the world. A 2016 report classified about 41% of Nepalese children under five as stunted, 11 per cent as wasted, and 29 per cent as underweight.

The project is one of three school feeding programmes operated in Nepalese schools by Grassroots Movement in Nepal (GMIN).

For 2019-20, a US based organisation was able to provide extra funds, allowing all children at the school to benefit from the programme. Our funding was no longer required. But we are happy to have helped to get the scheme off the ground and that more children will now be freed from hunger.

Funds and suitable programmes permitting, we hope to work with GMIN again in the future.


An end of school year report gave the following assessment:

‘In addition to providing healthy, vegan lunches to young students, the school lunch program continues to have several secondary benefits including: