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Food for the Homeless

In February 2020 we began a new project, providing lunch for more than 30 homeless people at Exeter's day centre St Petrock's. It is hoped to make the meal a regular monthly event.

The food is prepared by Fairfoods – the same vegan company that supports our initiative with refugees so brilliantly. The emphasis is on warming, comfort food.

It is sobering to meet some of those far less fortunate and far more vulnerable than ourselves, and it feels good to be able to help them just a little bit. Also, it is inspiring to talk to the dedicated and caring staff and volunteers at St Petrock's.

We are unable to take pictures of our guests, of course, but the photos on this page show the food at our first meal – mac n'cheeze with coleslaw and salad followed by fruit crumble cake and ice cream – plus some of our volunteer team in serving action!

Menu at St Petrocks, Vegan Compassion Group photo
Menu at St Petrocks
Volunteer at St Petrocks, Vegan Compassion Group photo
Volunteer at St Petrocks
Volunteers at St Petrocks, Vegan Compassion Group photo
Volunteers at St Petrocks
Fairfoods contribution to Vegan Compassion Group meal for UK homeless people
Full meal at a glance!